A useful government serves as a facilitator, enabling citizens to contribute to the betterment of their city. Government is not solely about providing services but about engaging the people who live here and fostering their active participation in civic life. It is our job as your government to streamline our processes, eliminate bureaucracy, and promote transparency.

Continuous Improvement

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I learned the necessity for continuous improvement in every facet of my business. The same is essential for a city. A useful government continually seeks opportunities to improve and incentivize growth while ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Innovation and efficiency are not just buzzwords but essential tools for delivering quality services to our community. As I demonstrated in my business, my vision is to lead with a relentless focus on being customer-centered, efficient, and effective in all interactions with the public.

Image: Mayor Gina Leichty signed certificates for kids at the event.

This summer, a free family Touch-a-Truck event offered children the opportunity to touch, climb, and explore Goshen City’s equipment, trucks, and vehicles and meet the officials, safety officers, and City staff who work for our community.

Through effective leadership and efficient public service, our city can achieve its goals while ensuring that the needs and aspirations of our diverse population are met.

A useful government is responsive, efficient, and customer-focused to create a place where residents can thrive, businesses prosper, and the community’s overall quality of life is continuously elevated.

The Importance of a Useful Government

  • Useful government embraces innovation and adapts to changing needs and challenges.
  • Efficient government services attract businesses, foster job creation, and promote economic prosperity.
  • A customer-centered approach ensures that government services meet the community’s diverse needs.